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Schwercraft® puts your product or company brochure on a stage. Fast cloudbased delivery of content sections that showcase complex, interactive and perfectly smooth animation provide an inimitable surrounding for your mobile brand communication. Like on a real stage your product is in the center of spotlight. Let's start with your PDF - the video playing above showcases Schwercraft® sections made entirely from a PDF. Imagine what your PDF can look like. The result looks similar to a video, but much smaller in size - and completely interactive.

100% Fast. Schwercraft® enables your clients to enjoy your content after seconds. The cloudbased architecture ensures loading of only those sections your client wants to read. Publish new content sections in less than a second. Create a custom library that incorporates different campaigns, enjoy the freedom to change everything at any time without one single line of code - no need to mention that every section can be stored on the device for offline reading on an airplane.

100% Touch. While other solutions still showcase buttons that derive from the desktop/mouse era we invented something completely new. "The wheel" is a haptic interface, combining all functionality - it is "thought for touch". The sum of all this effort creates a completely new experience.

"Mobile communication has this 'keyhole problem' - If you are watching content on mobile and it makes you miss a bigger screen - something's wrong. That's where we can help you. We turn your customers into nothing less than digital brand ambassadors. The curtain animation for example turns your smartphone into a theatre for your product or company brochure.", Kai Clausnitzer, CEO ramraver interactive AG.

We are ramraver, we are the perpetuum mobile of the software industry. We continuously strive to reach gold – whatever we do. An unrivaled degree of innovation is immanent in all we do. We may be small but our works were exposed in museums, empower a global leading internet company and have always been benchmarks in their respective areas. Clients like P&G, PernodRicard, Nikon or Tagesschau relied on us. We can not do everything but once we decide to do something we are rocksolid experts at that. When we decided to create an app publishing system, we not only invested a 7 digit budget – we unleashed our passion for innovation and have developped the best cloudpowered publishing environment for Apps on iOS and Android.



ramraver interactive AG   Max-Brauer-Allee 218   22769 Hamburg   Germany   CEO: Kai Clausnitzer   USt ID 20999801 HRB 75836   call +49 40 444 65 900